Undisclosed is another show about Serial’s Adnan Syed, though, as the host Rabia Chaudry warns you in the first episode, it is not Serial, they are not journalists, and it is very technical. The hosts are lawyers, and the manner in which they discuss the case is more law-focused than narrative. Despite its dryness, I find it an interesting journey farther into the facts that Serial introduced. (I also question whether Serial’s vast fanbase is more interested in the case or the show, and Undisclosed may help me find the answer.) Because Undisclosed’s makers aren’t podcasters by trade, the production quality is not always the best. They sometimes play interviews with what they admit is bad sound quality and then fail to recap what was said. This can make for a frustrating listening experience and at times makes it hard to follow their arguments. On the other hand, the minimally-produced sound of their voices makes for nice background noise, especially when riding public transportation. In any case, the occasional flaws have not dissuaded me from listening to all five episodes, four addenda, one update, and the preview.

Style: Investigative, Interview

If You Like: Serial, Criminal, American Radioworks, the Serial subreddit

Favorite Episode: Episode 2, “Hae’s Day”


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